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Nov 12, 2012
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Hi everyone, i decided to sell my steelbook collection ( not quite all ) because i am moving to a new appartment and i have lots of staff to get so decided after 12 years to stop collecting steelbooks

The more you get, the better price i will give you.

First come, first served and i can only hold a steelbook for you if you send a deposit for it.

The steelbooks are located in Cyprus and i accept payment by paypal please.

The shipping for a 1 steelbook to europe is between €7-€10 (depends the weight).
For 2 steelbooks shipped in europe is €15-€20 ( depends the weight)
For the rest of the world i need to know how many steelbooks ( premium or regular) and which country to be shipped and will give you the rate.

My reference is on ebay.uk harry19762012 : Positive Feedback 100% :LOL:

10 cloverfield lane open and mint € 50

Straight out compton open and mint €50

Mission impossible rogue nation €50

Terminator genisys open and mint €50

13 hours open and mint €50

Black mass new and sealed €55

The martian open and mint €50

Chappie open and mint SOLD

Kingsman the secret services open and mint €50

Fast and furious 7 Paul walker edition open and mint €65

Whiplash open and mint €50

Prometheus DL new and sealed SOLD

Spiderman Far from home E3 Double lenti ( New and sealed) €80

Alita (new and sealed) SOLD

Deadpool 2 E2 lenti ( new and sealed) €55

Spiderman Into the universer Double lenti (Open and mint) €50

Creed Fullslip (new and sealed) €50


Ready player one fullslip open and mint SOLD

Man of steel fullslip open and mint SOLD

Logan collector box lenti (new and sealed ) €120

Deadpool 2 DL New and sealed SOLD

Inglorious Basterds Single lenti (New and sealed) €120

Her Fullslip New and sealed € 60

Drive fullslip New and sealed SOLD

Revenant leather fullslip ( open and mint) SOLD

Tenet lenti (new and sealed) €60

Shape of water DL new and sealed SOLD

Joker DL new and sealed SOLD

Justice league fullslip open and mint €45


Rush fullslip new and sealed €60

Deadpool lenti new and sealed €60

Raid 1 and Raid 2 lenti new and sealed €120

Akira fullslip new and sealed SOLD

Her Lenti new and sealed €160

Pand labyrinth fullslip new and sealed SOLD

Cinderella fullslip new and sealed SOLD

Iron Man Lenti ( New and sealed) €55

T2 ( new and sealed) SOLD

Memento lenti steelbook (Open and mint) SOLD

Monsters Univeristy ( New and sealed) €50

Leon New and sealed €110

Thor lenti new and sealed €110

Wind river full slip new and sealed €120

Hell or high water fullslip (open and mint) SOLD

Blade Runner 2049 fullslip ( new and sealed) SOLD

Captain America: The First Avenger Lenti (New and Sealed) (WEA) €110

Captain America: The First Avengers Fullslip ( The shield) (New and Sealed) (WEA) €110

Captain America:The Winter Soldier Fullslip (The shield) (New and sealed) WEA €110

Captain America: Civil War Lenti (Iron man vs CA) ( New and sealed) €110

Captain America:Civil War Fullslip ( The shield) ( New and Sealed) WEA €110

Baby Driver Lenti (New and sealed) €60

Blade runner Double lenti (New and sealed) €140

L.A Confidential (New and sealed) SOLD

The Terminator Lenti (New and seales) SOLD

Wonder woman DL new and sealed SOLD

Edge of tomorrow DL ( corner damage sealed) Sold

Fast and furious 8 new and sealed €60


John wick 1 / New and sealed (Fullslip) SOLD

Drive fullslip new and seales €100

Avengers WEA fullslips ( Iron Man €180Captain America SOLD/ Thor € 160) New and Sealed

Avengers: Age of Ultron Lenticular ( first release WWA STEELBOOK) ( New and Sealed) /TRADE/€50

Jurassic World Lenti ( New and sealed ) Low number #3 35 euros

Captain America : The winter soldier fullslip WWA ( New and sealed) €50

Captain America: The Winter soldier lenti WWA ( New and sealed) €60

GOTG Fullslip WEA ( New and Sealed) SOLD

GOTG lenti WWA ( New and Sealed) €60

JSA lenti (new and sealed) SOLD

Bittersweet life amaray (not a steelbook) ( new and sealed) €40

Alice through the looking glass (new and sealed) €40

T2: Judgement Day Lenti ( New and Sealed) SOLD


Avengers infinity war lenti open and mint €50

Spiderman into the universer DL new and sealed € 80

Thor Lenti (New and Sealed) €280

Thor The dark World lenti ( New and sealed) SOLD

Captain america: The first Avengers lenti ( New and sealed) €100

Captain America: The winter soldier lenti ( New and sealed) €100

Iron Man Lenti ( New and sealed) €60

Zootopia single lenti ( New and sealed) €60


Thor Ragnarock lenti ( new and sealed) €90

Gravity lenti ( new and sealed) SOLD

Spiderman Homecoming OAB Double lenti 3D ( loose disc and sealed)

Civil War Iron Man lenti New and sealed €70

Civil War Captain America New and sealed

Wonder Woman DL New and sealed SOLD

Dr Strange DL (new and sealed) SOLD

Jack reacher new and sealed€60

Wreck it ralph new and seales € 60

Oz great powerful lenti new and sealed € 60

The incredible hulk DL lenti new and sealed €60

Pacific rim fullslip new and sealed €80

Star trek into darkness new and sealed € 60

The godfather trilogy new and sealed € 110

Wall-e lenti new and sealed €60

Frozen DL new and sealed € 90

Black Panther DL new and sealed €70

Transformers age of extinction new and seales €60

Antman lenti open and mint SOLD

Godzilla fullslip new and sealed €120

Lego movie open and mint €50

GOTG single lenti new and seales SOLD

GOTG 2 DL new and sealed SOLD

GOG 2 single lenti new and sealed SOLD

Avengers age of ultron fullslip new and sealed €80

Venom DL new and sealed €75

Frozen 2 lenti new and sealed €60

Thor ragnarock DL new and sealed €130

Big hero 6 DL open and mint €70/. Fullslip new and sealed €50

Inside out fullslip new and sealed €60

Rogue one open and mint SOLD

Jungle Book (open and mint) SOLD


Oldboy fullslip (New and sealed) SOLD

The master fullslip (amaray new and sealed) €40

Search for sugar man (new and sealed) €35

Frank (new and sealed) €35

Two days & One night (new and sealed) €35

The Imitation Game (new and sealed) €40

Tinker Ticker (new and sealed) €35

Modern times (new and sealed) €40

City Lights ( new and sealed) €40

The boy and the beast lenti (new and sealed) €30

Still alice open and mint €30

Prisoners new and sealed SOLD

Weet collection:

Captain marvel new and sealed fullslip €70

Avengers end game fullslip thanos SOLD

Antman and Wasp fullslip new and sealed €80


Fury japan steelbook fullslip new and sealed €85

Spiderman far from home japan version new and sealed €80

Iron Man 2 1/4 slip Taiwan (New and sealed) €70

Iron man and Iron Man 2 play.com ( New and sealed) €170

Captain America: First avengers ( new and sealed) €70

The thing arrow steelbook (New and sealed) €60

Riddick (HMV) SOLD New and Sealed or TRADE

2012 (FNAC) €12 Open and in mint condition or TRADE

Spiderman Homecoming steelbook 13 euro Open and mint


I am looking for:

Shazam hdzeta fullslip (new and sealed or open and mint)
Ghost in the Shell FAC ( New and sealed)
Knives out Kimchdvd Fullslip and lenti ( New and sealed)

Thanks for looking :thumbs:
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