Dawn of the Dead (1978) (4K and Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set) (Second Sight) [UK]


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Release date: November 16, 2020
Purchase links: Second Sight 4K - BD - Amazon UK 4K - BD - Zavvi 4K - BD - HMV 4K - BD (Pre-order date Tuesday May 26th at 12PM Midday UK time)
Price: £79.99 (4K) (Second Sight - Zavvi) - £69.99 (BD) (Second Sight - Zavvi) - £74.99 (4K) (Amazon - HMV ) - £64.99 (BD) (Amazon - HMV)
Notes: 4K Box Set Limited to 12,000 and Blu-ray Box Set Limited to 6,000 - Second Sight Website will be UK shipping only


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Mar 26, 2011
Got my set through from HMV in a nice big strong box but they positioned it to one side of the box rather than in the middle, which took damaged, so its nice and bang up!
HMV Sold out so will return this for a refund and will have to buy this from Second Sight before they sell out too.


Billy Talent

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May 24, 2020
Hello folks, what would you advice between getting it from amazon or from the secondsight website? Whats the packaging like from the second sight website?
Never had an issue with second sight they deal with shipping movies for years so they know how to carefully package it.
Amazon however ....well some of my previous orders vinyl records and some box sets came in dented badly.
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