Multi Dead Space Collector's Edition


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Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom

Release Date: N/A - Still in production so it will be released after the launch of the game.
Price: $274.99
Store: Limited Run Games

It is not a LRG release, they are only distributing on behalf of EA.
Though if LRG is involved in the production of it's contents then this could see a far away release in the future given their practice.

Helmet is quite nice but steelbook is meh.
I'll definitely skip this one. I have added it to checkout and it comes up to $389.98 after shipping and taxes, and this might not even include custom fees so I'm absolutely not going to pay 400+ for a Collector's Edition no matter how nice it is. Collecting is starting to not be fun anymore (n)


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Feb 26, 2013
+ its pretty miserable of them to exploit collectors constantly with editions arriving months or years after release, so that they buy both the digital to play and then again then collectors edition..
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