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Disney Movie Club - The Black Hole (Blu-ray)


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This from someone that ordered it:
"I just got off the phone with a DMC advocate. I had ordered a second copy of the film but the order has not been processed. Apparently, the disc is being re-pressed and will be released on October 14. Those of us who got the first pressing can get a replacement disc, and other orders made after the first-run ran out will be held until the new pressing comes in. I would think Disney would have sent me a note explaining why my order hadn't been shipped, but apparently not."

... and this from Digital Bits:
"Speaking of the DMC, we’ve learned that the studio has pulled The Black Hole on Blu-ray from their online store. The reason is that they’re fixing the disc to correct for the authoring error that prevents you from seeing the film’s Overture. The fixed discs are expected to be available on the store again starting on 10/14. And if you’re a Club member and you ordered the disc (and got a bad copy) you’ll be able to request a replacement from their customer service. Just FYI."
Very unlikely they will replace over 20 copies for me, lol


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Why not?. You have the invoices. Go for it...
From the DMC T&C:

"Membership is intended for personal use only. Movies purchased through the Disney Movie Club are not intended for resale or other commercial purposes. Violations of this policy are strictly prohibited..."

I likely escaped notice because I did the orders over course of a month and TBH, I’d like to keep my membership for movies that I want to purchase...

So unlikely I can help further...
Jun 24, 2012
Essex, UK
Hi, is it still possible to get a copy of the Black hole ? i'd also be interested in a copy of 20,000 leagues under the sea if you could get that as well ?