Dual - In theaters April 15, 2022


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Title: Dual

Tagline: Choose wisely.

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Thriller

Director: Riley Stearns

Cast: Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, Beulah Koale, Theo James, Elina Jackson, Maija Paunio, Rea Lest, Sanna-June Hyde, Kris Gummerus, Nico Siekkinen, Jamie Siekkinen, Elsa Saisio, Remu Valisaari, Minea Valisaari, Amira Khalifa, Andrei Alén, Aram Tertzakian, Darren McStay, Rasmus Blomqvist, Katariina Havukainen, Riley Stearns, Yûko Takeda, Tiia Ennala, Marketta Tikkanen, Paul Brown, Robert Enckell, Sophia Heikkilä, Irmeli-Unelma Hyde, Leslie Hyde, Elias Salonen, Robin Touray, Martha Kelly, Donat Balaj

Release: 2022-03-18

Runtime: 95

Plot: A terminally ill woman opts for a cloning procedure to ease her loss on her friends and family. When she makes a miraculous recovery, her attempts to have her clone decommissioned fail and lead to a court-mandated duel to the death.


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Finally I watched something good!
I did not like the director's previous movie much (The Art of Self-defense), but it was fun and original, and so was this. Before I realized who it was from, I was expecting an entirely different movie, something more in line of Ready or Not and You're Next. Dual is more subtle, subdued, with barely any action, but it raises interesting, absurd, and funny points about clones, duel survivors, and other things. It feels very grounded and real. Done obviously for very little money, but shows how an interesting concept in good hands can be more engaging than a multi-million dollar blockbuster.
The ending didn't go the way I thought it would, or wanted to, but it kind of calls back to the ending of Self-defense, with a similar lesson to be learned, if one didn't already in life. Disappointing for the character I was rooting for, but brave for a movie to do. Plus, I guess, the genre kind of demands it.

Everyone, besides Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul, speaks with a strange accent, and I couldn't point out where it was set, which was deliberate, but looking at the end credits, it's basically a Finnish movie made with an entirely Finnish crew and supporting cast, and filmed there, only in English. Guess it was cheaper, or more suitable, than Bulgaria...

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