Feb 19, 2016
I bought the first 2 issues from my local asda and recently subbed to the premium collection. I'm yet to receive issue 3 though but anyone feel free to post pics of your latest issues


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Has anyone else subscribed to this set?

I was charged £43.97 on 30th August (which was £15 more than usual) so I expected to be sent the last 3 editions, but I just got the package today and there are only 2 editions in the box which should have cost £27.98, and not the £42.97 I was charged. I've emailed them to inquire about it but from what I've read online their customer service is terrible. I set up a monthly debit with them via my paypal account and I want to cancel my sub as I can't trust them to stick to the agreed payment schedule. . Would it be best to call paypal and cut them off that way? Anyone else have this problem of being overcharged on the last payment for issues #10 & #11?