GB Black Hawk Down KIMCHI Exclusive (Korea SteelBook)[WORLDWIDE]

Today I'm happy to hosting my group buy for Kimchi Exclusive Black Hawk Down

Release thread:

Release day:end of March, 2016

Group Buy order deadline: 10th March 20:00(+08:00 HK time)
Group Buy payment deadline: 10th March 00:00(+08:00 HK time)


Black Hawk Down 35 + postage from Korea to me (by EMS) + GB fee 2 USD + 5% PP fee + postage from me to u 13 USD

If Kimchi will do one click pack, when u ordered both, they will come as one click.

Postage and package handle fee: 13 USD for 1 copy, 22 USD for 2, 30 USD for 3.

US, UK, CA, NZ, AU, Germany, France, Norway, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam will shipping by e-express service from HK post office, other counties with shipping by air mail tracking.

I will write value as 14.99 GBP for UK, full value for US and 20 USD for one or two, 30 USD for 3 copies for all other counties....if u want me write as full value, u have to mention when u make payment.
If I write value under cost, I will not take responsibility for the item lost, and if u want me write it as full value, please write it down when u make payment for it.

I will send invoice and update the list everyday.

Please join GB on time, I'm not sure I can get u any copy after the GB end day.

Available version: full slip

Order limits: 2

@Nadine - 2 - UK - cancelled
@BookMan68 - 1 - UK- paid - LK604443544HK
@ChoppedUp - 1 - US- paid - LK109839523HK
@bigry - 1 - US - Unpaid
@capricornio34232 - 2 - US- paid
@Jedi clare - 1 - UK- paid - LK604443558HK
@FightingPhantom - 1 - US- paid - LK109839537HK
@wozbit - 1 - UK - paid - LK604443561HK


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