4K-UK Ghost In The Shell (4K + Blu-ray Bonus Disc) [UK]


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Jul 15, 2014
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Release date: July 12, 2021
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Price: £19.99 (HMV - Zavvi) - £24.99 (Amazon)


Exclusive Art by Matt Ferguson
Celebrate one of the most critically acclaimed anime films of all time in 4K Ultra HD!
2029: A female cybernetic government agent, Major Motoko Kusanagi, and the Internal Bureau of Investigations are hot on the trail of “The Puppet Master,” a mysterious and threatening computer virus capable of infiltrating human hosts. Together with her fellow agents from Section 9, Kusanagi embarks on a high-tech race against time to capture the omnipresent entity. Director Mamoru Oshii’s award-winning cyber-tech thriller, based on the comic book by Shirow Masamune, is lauded as one of the leading Japanese animation films ever!.
Brand new special features include:
  • Full-length audio commentary of GHOST IN THE SHELL. Participants include: Mary Claypool (Animation Writer and English Language Scriptwriter of GHOST IN THE SHELL), Eric Calderon (Animation Producer and Writer), Richard Epcar (Voice of "Batou" in the GHOST IN THE SHELL franchise), Charles Solomon (Animation Historian and Critic)

  • "Accessing Section 9: 25 Years into the Future" Featurette

  • "Landscapes & Dreamscapes – The Art and Architecture of GHOST IN THE SHELL" Featurette
  • 4K UHD disc containing the movie

  • Blu-ray Bonus discs containing: Art by Matt Ferguson
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