Godzilla (2014) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Feb 10, 2020
Release date: April 12, 2021
Purchase link: Zavvi (Pre-order February 3 at 12 AM for Red Carpet, 6 PM for general sale - UK time)
Price: £24.99

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Jul 21, 2013
Its not zavvi’s choice what finish they go with, Its up to the steelbook manufacturer, They only sell it.
Yeah but why is it that 80% off Zavvi releases are always matte compared to better finish of US or EU version.
HMV has better track record of having better finish.
Mar 16, 2021
Phew, luckily I didn´t pre-order this one (thanks Brexit lol, importing is quite expensive). Will be interesting whether the version from Amazon Spain will have a full gloss finish.