Harry Potter (Blu-ray Collection Slipcover Series) [USA]


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May 18, 2013
Release date: Out Now
Purchase links:
:bestbuy: Sorcerer's Stone
:bestbuy: Chamber of Secrets
:bestbuy: Prisoner of Azkaban
:bestbuy: Goblet of Fire
:bestbuy: Order of the Phoenix
:bestbuy: Half-Blood Prince
:bestbuy: Deathly Hallows, Part 1
:bestbuy: Deathly Hallows, Part 2
In stores only (Target :target:)
Price: $12.99 Best Buy - $15 Target

I didn't find a thread for this. Earlier today after work I went to my favorite bar, and there's a Target Store in the same plaza.
I found Exclusive Blu-ray Slipcovers for the Harry Potter films! :cool: I'm not sure if these are available online (couldn't find links),
so I'm assuming they're only available in-store!

I took a few pics :photo: :thumbs:

HP1.jpg HP2.jpg HP3.jpg HP4.jpg HP5.jpg HP6.jpg HP7.1.jpg HP7.2.jpg
20160801_155204.jpg 20160801_155444.jpg

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I am hungry for Harry Potter slipcovers. Looks like I will have to raid my Target store tomorrow to pick these up together with The Killing Joke and Blacklist Red Edition season 3.
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Anyone who bought them can you confirm what bonus features are on these discs?? I'm most wondering if the Blu Ray contains the picture and picture commentaries for Sorcerers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire, and Order of the Phoenix that were only previously available on the Bluray Ultimate Editions. Those are hard to come by now and it would be a nice feature to access!
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I thought this bit of news might impress some folks. Finally a blu-ray-only release including "Creating the World of Harry Potter." I told myself I'd never buy these unless they ditched the DVDs and did a blu-ray only with the Creating extras. Now if they'd just combine these into a single package rather than 8 separate packages, I'd be ready to buy and watch... for the first time. Really, I tried recording the Family Channel ones but they did not have them all on the schedule so I deleted the one's I did record. I started to watch the first one, where Harry was at his home at his desk, and figure what's the point if I can't watch them all in order? I think it was pro football/Kentucky basketball seasons anyway, so I did not have the time to invest in it.

These are so nice. I had to stop myself from buying them though as I already have 3 full sets of the Harry Potter movies from other releases. I'll definitely pick them up eventually though :)