HDN Web App Now Available!


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Hello members! You may have noticed some new features available from the recent upgrade.

One of those now available is a progressive web app. This works much like a native app for your desktop (Windows), mobile phone, android or mac devices.

If you'd like to install the app, for any mac device or desktop, look for the install the app icon in the address bar (that's the plus icon next to the star)

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 1.16.01 PM.png

Then you'll be prompted as follows

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 1.17.14 PM.png

And finally, you'll be able to see HDN in your system tray

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 1.17.35 PM.png

This is also available for mobile devices, but you'll need to look for the "install this app" on the menu.

So you know what's supported for the browser and OS you are using, please refer to this handy guide. If you don't see the option to install in the address bar, you may want to clear your saved cookies and settings in the browser.

NOTE: This may be an option that works really well for some of you and others might not like it. I wanted to draw your attention to this now being available, either way.


Jul 22, 2020
Sorry if I'm being absolutely dense here, but I can’t seem to find the app in the Google play store :banghead: what's it's actually called? Or is there a link perhaps?



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Got it working on Mac. Showed up after 20-30 minutes of browsing. Still nothing on ios iphone

Did some research, looks like Apple is not supporting remote installation, and that's why it won't show on an iOS phone.

Safari won't work on MacOs but other browsers like Chrome and Firefox will (I presume you are using one of those).
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