PS4 Horizon Forbidden West (Special Edition)


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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone
Release date: February 18, 2022
Purchase link: GAME UK
Price: £79.99

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Mar 6, 2016
No doubt Sony will sell a purchasable upgrade later on.

as for the steelbook personally I find the art lacking. Would’ve rather seen the base artwork on this. The first game had a nicer SB.

And I’m not ever pre-ordering a game again after Cyberpunk.
But I’d still like to own it as I liked the first game a lot, just going to have to wait for a big price drop.
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Apr 25, 2013
The collectors edition doesn’t even have a physical release

All digital…even the soundtrack

I’d have preferred the art on the art book, it matches the first one from Amazon
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Nov 18, 2011
Staffordshite, UK
Price of this staying high....shame

I was lucky enough to be gifted a digital code for ps4/5 version
Would still like a steelbook but what's the chance of getting a steel only?
Most game steels I have are empty or with spare discs, and were purchased for £5-10 on its an empty steel.
Wish this would be same.
I'd go up to double that for the collector in me....just sell the steel alone dammit!! Lol