Hotel Transylvania 4 - In theaters August 6, 2021

Lenny Nero

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Tried reading people's reviews on Google, after watching this. Key word 'tried', because I couldn't - they all seem to be from native English speakers, some mention having whole 3 kids (as opposed to 2 and 1/2 from an assortment of body parts), yet write like they were the ones transformed into mindless monsters without the ability of cohesive speech. I really have no hope for the upcoming generation with such retarded parents.
I don't know if this part actually reached theaters, being an Amazon Studios release. Seems Adam Sandler didn't even return to do a half-assed job of voicing Dracula, but I barely noticed - there were less cringy moments of picturing one of his retarded movie characters, such as Waterboy - which is all I could see listening to him in previous 3 movies.
Best bits, as always, come from secondary characters, like the wolf family and Frankenstein's monster. Otherwise it's no better or worse than all of them, maybe closer to the 3rd part, which is worse, than the first 2. Annoying, puke invoking 'pop' song from another voiceless whoever, altered on computer, for that mindless, almost retarded crowd that can't write in their one and only language, is included, ending in a literal butt crack. I guess that's its place.