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Jan 4, 2012
Welcome to my thread. I have some Blu Ray's for sale. Mostly Steelbooks. Some are opened but in perfect condition unless specified. I am open to trades if you have an item I am looking for.

**Some prices might be negotiable. I am open to reasonable offers** :)

Postage/Shipping costs are as follows:


With tracking number: (Up to 500gms €15) (Up to 1KG €18.50) (Up to 2KG €21.50)

With tracking number: (Up to 500gms €20) (Up to 1KG €25) (Up to 2KG €37.00)

**I only accept Paypal so buyer must use 'gift' option or cover any fees**


New/Sealed. More photos can be provided on request:

DSC04440 (Medium).JPG DSC04441 (Medium).JPG

Ant Man & The Wasp 3D (Zavvi UK) €30
Midnight Special (Zavvi UK) €25
Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope 4K (Zavvi UK) €35
Ready Player One 3D (UK) €30
Shazam 4K (UK) €25
Nightwatch (UK) €25
Halloween (2018 Italy) €30
1917 4K (UK) €40
Avengers Infinity War 3D (Zavvi UK) €35
Avengers Endgame 3D (Zavvi UK) €35
Mojin The Lost Legend 3D (Germany) €30
Frozen 3D (Blufans China) €35
Stranger Things Season 1 Blu Ray (Target U.S. Exclusive VHS packaging) €35
Joker (Umania Full Slip Korea) €60
Avengers Endgame (Blufans/Fanatics Double Lenticular China) €135
Hulk (Zavvi lenticular UK) €40
Dredd 4K, 2D & 3D (Best Buy U.S.) €55


Opened. All like new and come with J-Card unless specified. More photos can be provided on request:

DSC04431 (Medium).JPG DSC04433 (Medium).JPG DSC04434 (Medium).JPG DSC04435 (Medium).JPG DSC04436 (Medium).JPG DSC04439 (Medium).JPG

Life (Filmarena Full Slip) OPEN €60
Black Mass (Filmarena Full Slip) OPEN €35
Infernal Affairs Trilogy (KimchiDVD Full Slip) OPEN €65
Birds Of Prey (MantaLab Double Lenticular) *SOLD*
The Pianist (KimchiDVD Full Slip) OPEN €60
Rush (Kimchidvd Lenticular Slip) OPEN €45
Kong Skull Island 3D (Germany) €30
Suicide Squad 3D (HMV Exclusive UK) OPEN €30
Hulk (UK-Horizontal) OPEN €30
Looper Mondo (U.S.) OPEN-*Signed by artist Martin Ansin* OPEN €45
3:10 To Yuma (Germany-Dent On Front) €12
Mad Max Fury Road 3D (Australia-Glossy Metalpak) OPEN €25
First Blood (U.S.) OPEN €25
Godzilla King Of Monsters 4K (UK) OPEN *SOLD*
The Day After Tomorrow (Embossed First Print UK) OPEN €35
Back To The Future (Scandanavia First Print) OPEN €25
Gangs Of New York (Remastered Canada) OPEN €30
Sleepy Hollow (FYE Exclusive U.S.) OPEN *SOLD*
Taken (UK) OPEN €25
Drive (HMV Exclusive UK) OPEN €40
Oblivion (UK) OPEN €20
Divergent (UK) OPEN €20
Insurgent 3D (Italy) OPEN €20
Karate Tiger (Germany) OPEN €25
Kick Ass (Canada) OPEN €20
I Robot 3D (Germany-No Lenticular Magnet) OPEN €10
Geostorm 3D (France-Small ding on front) OPEN €20
The Mist (German Steelbook, UK Disc) OPEN €10
Ted (UK) OPEN €15
Ted 2 (UK-Rare Bong cover) OPEN €20
The Bourne Legacy (Netherlands) OPEN €5
Demonic (Germany) OPEN €15
I Robot 3D (UK-red case-No J-Card) OPEN €15
Blade Runner The Final Cut (UK) OPEN €35
The Untouchables (Italy) UNSEALED-just swapped out of Cinemusem release. Never opened or used. €20
Hacksaw Ridge (Italy) OPEN €20
The Last Exorcism Part II (France) OPEN €12
Frozen 4K & BD (UK First print-swapped out 3D disc for the 4K) OPEN €35
Captain America The First Avenger (HMV Exclusive UK-Tiny ding on opening side of steelbook) OPEN €45
Shaun Of The Dead (Canada) OPEN €22
Young Guns (UK) OPEN €35
Stephen King's IT (France-Glossy) OPEN €18
Stephen King's IT (Italy-matte) OPEN €15
Casino (UK-Horizontal/Debossed) OPEN €25
The Commuter 4K (Italy-Glossy) OPEN €25
Forrest Gump (UK) OPEN €25
Warcraft 3D (UK) OPEN €25
Terminator Salvation (Canadian Metalpak-Some light scratches-No JCard) OPEN €22
Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 4-6 U.S.) (A few dings on Return Of The Jedi (more photos can be provided) and can only be seen when held in certain light...... Everything else is as new OPEN €75
Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 1-3 U.S.) (A few dings on the rear of Attack Of The Clones (more photos can be provided) Everything else is as new OPEN €60
The Empire Strikes Back (*EMPTY case* Zavvi UK) OPEN €10
Parasite (UK) OPEN €30
Real Steel (Germany) OPEN €25
Gremlins (UK *Blu Ray only-NO 4K*) OPEN €20
2001 A Space Odyssey (Germany) OPEN €30
Back To The Future Collectors Tin (UK) OPEN €50
The Evil Dead (*EMPTY* Book Of The Dead-Necromicon Edition) (U.S.-some cracks and damage to the rubber) OPEN €25
I Am Legend (UK) OPEN €20
300 (Canada-Inside artwork) OPEN €22
Friday The 13th (U.S.-Glossy) OPEN €25
Super 8 (UK) OPEN €22


Opened EMPTY boxes. More photos can be provided on request:

DSC04386 (Medium).JPG

Godzilla King Of Monsters (Filmarena) EMPTY €30
Avengers Endgame (Fanatics/Blufans) EMPTY €25
Kick Ass (Novamedia Fullslip Korea-Unnumbered) EMPTY €15



DSC04391 (Medium).JPG

Red Heat (Amaray with Slip-Korea) €20
Lock Up (Amaray with Slip-Korea) €20
300 (Rare Slip-U.S.) €15
IT (Remake with rare Lenticular Slip-Spain) €25


(In no particular order. Some are high, some are low! Can be open as long as in top condition)

Spider-Man Trilogy (WeET-Full Slip Editions only)
Back To The Future Trilogy (HDZeta)
Schindlers List (HDZeta)
Incredibles 2 (4K,2D & 3D with Slipcover-Korea)
Knight & Day (Japan Steelbook)
District 9 4K (U.S)
Point Break (UK)
Hannibal (Any)

Other Wants:
Also looking for the following Blu Rays....

Hollow Man 1 & 2 (88 Films Digipack UK)
Maximum Overdrive (Vestron U.S. with slipcover)

Any serious offer or other title considered.

Thanks for looking guys!!
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Jan 4, 2012
Finally, after a couple of years I've gotten round to cleaning up the thread and updating what I've got! :D

Will be adding a few more items over the next few days/weeks......