Jason Bourne (Blu-ray SteelBook) (OAB - Blufans) [China]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: TBA
Price: TBA
Group buy: Hosted by Cooey - One Click - Lenticular - Full Slip
Lenticular release includes 2D and bonus disc, full slip is 2D only

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Actually I don't have any of the Bourne steelbooks in my collection. I would prefer if Blufans would did a steelbook-set of the whole series :naughty:
Going to skip this.
From Kevin:

"Due to limited resources, some of OABs have been put on hold since then . However, In May, we will see a new wave of OABs coming; such titles are Star Trek 3, TMNT 2, X-Men, Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher 2, all with limited print run around 300 each."
Been waiting for this one given no one else did a premium release, hope they still do a version with the black Steelbook
I was waiting for this for ages but when it looked like it was a dead duck I went and got the Zavvi steel and the 4K disc so despite this being a nice looking package it's a pass from me :(