John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Novamedia Exclusive #25) [Korea]

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Jan 4, 2012
Release date: November 15, 2019
Purchase links: One Click - Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - Quarter Slip (Pre-order October 18, 10 PM Korea time) - Check your local timings HERE
Price: $124.99 (One Click) - $37.99 (Full Slip A or Full Slip B or Lenticular) - $36.99 (Quarter Slip)
Group buys: hosted by Aniv One Click - Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - Quarter Slip
Notes: One click Box Set: $ 124.99 (As same numbered) (500 set) (Includes Full Slip A + Full Slip B + Lenticular O-Ring slip) - Box Set Gift: 48p PHOTO Book, Original Poster - Full Slip A: 800 copies - Full Slip B: 500 copies - Lenticular: 800 copies - Quarter Slip: 400 copies + Extra copies

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Nov 18, 2011
Staffordshite, UK
The ironic thing is that UK Mail will go through my office but I cannot open mine un it goes through my post box. ;(

***Edit*** Scratch that, mine went with Air France
How’s that work? :bored:

Looks like I might have to sell 1&2 lentis to afford 3
Don’t do it
You’ll regret it

Just wait and bide your tide. You’ll get the 3rd lenti one day


Jun 19, 2017
Hmm I'd rather just miss out than pay those sort of prices. Honestly wasn't really feeling the steelbook design for this anyway, so no major loss to me.

Will probably even sell my other Nova JW editions eventually, because I really want a matching set of steels for these films, which I'm sure someone will do at some point.
I missed it too (like others said, it took less than 2 minutes, it sold out for me when clicking on Paypal pay button lol) and overall I feel the same, the Steelbook isn't THAT good (it is good, but could have been better). But I feel like the only other option would be Filmarena, but since they haven't release chapter 2 yet...
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