John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Novamedia Exclusive #25) [Korea]

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Jan 4, 2012
Release date: November 15, 2019
Purchase links: One Click - Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - Quarter Slip (Pre-order October 18, 10 PM Korea time) - Check your local timings HERE
Price: $124.99 (One Click) - $37.99 (Full Slip A or Full Slip B or Lenticular) - $36.99 (Quarter Slip)
Group buys: hosted by Aniv One Click - Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - Quarter Slip
Notes: One click Box Set: $ 124.99 (As same numbered) (500 set) (Includes Full Slip A + Full Slip B + Lenticular O-Ring slip) - Box Set Gift: 48p PHOTO Book, Original Poster - Full Slip A: 800 copies - Full Slip B: 500 copies - Lenticular: 800 copies - Quarter Slip: 400 copies + Extra copies

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Mar 28, 2014
It's too bad the Novamedia steelbook doesn't actually come with 2 discs. Would have been nice with 4K.
I just bought the UHD from amazon, if they would have added the UHD Disk to the release the price of the release probably would have come out to the same thing. So not a big deal to me.
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