Join Zavvi pop culture T-shirt design contest & get your work seen! Ends Friday 8/18!

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Apr 12, 2009

Hello Ninjas!

Calling all designers-get your work seen! We're very excited to present an opportunity for you to present your own original t-shirt designs of iconic pop culture imagery for consideration by Zavvi to possibly be included in their merchandising in the future.

Please note-they can be funny, retro, vintage, modern, unique, interesting, etc but due to licensing considerations, they cannot contain any licensed character or copyrighted words/brands. In short, share your best designs that embrace pop culture, entertainment, music, movies, collectibles, vinyl, etc, in general, and would appeal to you as a fan and consumer.

You can submit up to 5 designs to me via pm to me throughout the posting period which ends by 11:59 pm EST Friday 8/18/2017.

Zavvi will evaluate all serious designs and consider including them in their offerings in the future.

Have fun Ninja designers & thanks for participating in our community!

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