Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray Slipbox) [UK]


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RELEASE DATE: May 04, 2015
PRICE (at time of posting): £29.99
ORDER: Amazon.co.uk

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May 25, 2013
Another Jurassic Park blu ray release? Really? I still have the digipack from about three years ago that I'm more than satisfied with. Let's see what extras this comes with, if any.
The Korean limited edition has the last that i picked up and was really impressed with the quality of that one. Great embossed work and thicker cardboard than usual. Also finally got the wooden box. Now theres another release.

This looks like it might be just three thick amaray cases inside of a flimsy cardboard box????

No further shots seem to be available at present. Will have to wait and see
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Dec 7, 2013
Southsea UK
Reading the description it says now with Ultraviolet so that may be the only difference. I can't see people buying again just for a UV code.

This will be the 4th UK release of the trilogy in as many years:-

2011 3 x Blu-ray + 3 x DVD
2012 3 x Blu-ray
2013 3 x Blu-ray + UV
2015 3 x Blu-ray + UV

The previous (2013) release, which also included UV, can still be obtained from amazon.co.uk for a mere £9.59. Since the only difference between the 2013 and 2015 releases is the artwork, I can't see why anyone would pay an additional £20 for it, especially since there's no mention of the new release including the 3D disc of the first film, in spite of this being an 'Ultimate Edition'.

This is simply an attempt to cash in on the theatrical release of "Jurassic World" in June, which will also make this release obsolescent, since the autumn will undoubtedly see the release of a "Jurassic Park" tetralogy set.
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Sep 2, 2014
Kent, UK
Does this come with a Digipack inside like the recent American Jurassic Park blu ray box set (greyish version), or just amarays?