KingKongCygor's KingKong Collection :D

Aug 4, 2014
Hi guys,

Just want to share some of my KingKong collections :) And also, i want to Thanks everyone here who posted KingKong Threads and those who replied to the threads, you guys just rock! Need more Kong fans like you guys! :thumbs:

Edit : In case you are interested, i am creating a website specially for my King Kong statue / diorama / collectibles : King Kong Statue

Still haven't done arranging my Kong collections, some are still putting on the floor and some are still inside boxes... will update more photos next time :)

Cheers~ ;)

Edited : 24 March 2015 - Finally took out some time to re-arrange my Kong's statues :) 50% done, still a long way to go :D
Edited : 28 June 2015 - Probably 85% done :)

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