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May 27, 2013






By this point I got confused about which ones I'd taken off the shelf and taken a photo of.. also was tired from sorting out martial arts from action etc so I just took some pic's of my shelves, (there are martial arts films on the shelves)
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Thank you for the recommendation :notworthy::thumbs:

I have cradle 2 the grave and China strike force, are there any in particular I should buy? :happy:

No problem :)

They didn't let him shine in Cradle 2 The Grave as Jet Li was the rising star back then.

There are many. If you like the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, he did Only The Strong which I'm quite fond of other than Crying Freeman (the latter was inspired by the Japanese Manga series of the same name).

I also like his role in Drive (has a Rush Hour vibe to it) and he did the Crow TV series among so many others. His latest appearances have been in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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You have to watch it. Excellent thriller/horror film.

I watched it last night.. really long film lol. It was very good, I did have to fast forward all the parts where there was abuse towards he's female victims, I can't watch stuff like that, especially when it looked more like torture porn. . But I did enjoy watching the guy stalk and kick the crap out of the murderer. . Using some nice martial arts moves too:)
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Very Nice collection.

I only got as far as photographing my Fast and Furious collection - and still haven't completed that.
So added kudos for having so much patience :)

Started photographing everything (all the steels are boxed), but got through about 4 boxes and thought, hang on, why am I doing this?
To impress a bunch of strangers?
To prove I really am insane and have a buying problem?

Finally came to the conclusion - Sod it!

Oh, Merry Christmas btw :)
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