Last 4K Blu-ray purchased/watched?


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Apr 12, 2009
Chime in if you've been buying discs!



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I started watching Some Like It Hot. The problem with heightened awareness when I know I’m watching 4K is noticing occasional lip sync errors (that may or may have always been there) and the moment Tiny Curtis says “I play tenor sax” that sounds like ‘tenor tax’ to me (it did on the MGM blu ray and I never noticed). Then I started thinking what an unpleasant character Curtis plays in the movie.

He is a gambling addict, selling their overcoats to make a bet, a sure thing. Sweet talks the woman at the agency, that he stood up, so he can borrow her car, to play a gig, and almost gets both of them killed. When Jerry (Lemmon) takes a shine to Sugar (Monroe), Joe muscles in. When Lemmon as Daphne meets Osgood, Joe pretends to be the heir to Shell Oil and ‘borrows Osgood’s yacht to impress her. Takes the gift Osgood gave ‘daphne’ to impress Sugar, and at the end Joe gets the girl, Osgood speeds them all out of danger, and Jerry gets what? Lemmon doesn’t even get the best line in the movie; he’s merely the set up for Osgood’s (Joe E Brown) line, ‘nobody’s perfect’. Talk about Jerry getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop. I know it’s a comedy but this is one you don’t want to start overthinking.
Received all those Shout Factory Editions with poster tubes together, especially like their special slips, and wish they were all steelbooks...