[Mad Duck Posters] The Awakening by Godmachine


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
We are excited to release our next collaboration with Godmachine this week!
The new poster is called The Awakening and features a skeleton with a butterfly landing on it's hand.

Godmachine has created a gorgeous image; a stunning juxtaposition of beauty and unseemliness, peace and horror, darkness and light, and ultimately life and death!

The posters are 18x24 screen prints, and go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, March 10th at 12PM ET! Be sure to arrive early! We have some very low run, special variants with different color butterflies that will be available in VERY small quantities!

To read more about this release and the symbolism of butterflies, head over to the BLOG!

Regular Edition, 18x24 screen print, Run of 75, $50

Variant Edition, 18x24 screen print, Run of 50, $65
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