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Jun 18, 2015
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Hi guys, It has been a while since I have had a man cave after coverting my study/man-cave into my daughters room and moving my PC and shelving into the living room. It has involved a lot of horded items being thown away, organising and disposing of a lot of paperwork and files etc etc.

My plan was to make use of the 2 alcoves in my living room for shelving my Steelbook collection, some files and books, as well as a desk for my PC and to house my Home Theatre equipment.

After getting many quotes from various companies that make custom built shelving for alcoves I settled on a company called "The London Alcove Company". I would say they are more of a premium company and I didn't want to settle for anything less due to the quality and nice finish of their work. They are fairly expensive, for me anyway, so I settled on installing one alcove unit at a time.

The first was actually installed last year and was to the left of the chiney breast, this was to take care of my PC. I had to keep over half my steelbook collection in storage as the 4 shelves here were dedicated to the premium releases.


This is the unit close to after installation. It has got a bit cluttered since then :whistle:

The right alcove has only just been installed and houses my media centre and is utilising 5 shelves for steelbooks and blurays, one for books, and another for files. The top shelf I have displayed my Blufans boxsets and just under the actual steels focussing on Marvel releases.

IMG_5953.jpg IMG_5956.jpg

I currently have an LG 42" LCD 3D TV mounted on the chimney breast. Unfortunately I had to use trunking to hide the cables and this was due to when I had the living room re-decorated I did not get the builders to route out cable channels into the chimney breast (oh well my bad), so it doesn't give such a clean look that I want but I will have to live with it now :blackeye:


Since having the living room decorated, I had planned these alcoves to house my collection and be my all-round entertainment section of the room, and it still has work to go. I still want to add a bridging unit over the TV for more shelving as still these 2 units do not comprise of my whole steelbook collection. I want to get a new TV at the end of this year which has 3D and 4K if there are any still available with a Sound Bar, and I want to build a more compact mini-ITX PC to free up more space on my desk and to have a VR ready system as I want to get the HTC VIVE also LOL:box:

I will update as I slowly upgrade and add to the area so keep your eyes peeled, it all depends on moeny at the end of the day, so slowly slowly will get there :cigar:

What do you guys think so far? It still is a work in progress, any suggestions?:angel:


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Aug 6, 2014
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Looking good @Maximus15 the work the company did on the alcoves is really good, excelsior!


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Feb 28, 2011
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Apr 14, 2012
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looks good. the only thing I would change is the position of the PC, looks a little bit closely.