Mickle_89's Lockdown Renovation 2020

FINALLY!!!!!! My room is finished after 5 months in solid limbo!! :woot: So around mid-Feb this year I decided to completely renovate my bedroom, which is also home to my collection. Fortunately I have an amazing and incredibly understanding GF :drool: who luckily enjoys watching my movies too, but I also have a young family to whom I need to shield all my collectibles from lol :stop: and this to be the only safe haven/space currently available in our house, or at least until someone moves out which won't be for a long time yet :wacky: so for the time being I have to make most of what I have, and to that I think I now have :oohyeah: I was content enough with my old display/setup before but was always envious of more space and the ability to be able to 'display' some pieces rather than just 'store stuff away' etc... And there came my idea for the overdue refurb :)

Main works included having a small chimney breast removed which used to make space and layout a slight issue before. Taking it out made a world of difference and allowed a smooth flow of units across the back wall which looks infinitely better IMO :thumbs: TV was relocated so electrics had to get moved, along with re-plastering and everything painted top to bottom, obviously. Lastly had a new carpet laid and installed all new Billy units from IKEA (which is something I've always wanted! :hungry:). Professionals were brought in for the main jobs (i.e. chimney breast/plastering/electrics/carpet) which is why it's took so long but painting and anything else possible was all me :D Just unfortunate it was such bad timing due to the recent pandemic which is why finish time increased so dramatically - along with the fact I've had to carry on working full-time as normal so anything I did was done in my spare time. Once everything was finally up and ready it took me a while just deciding on how to arrange, as I was basically starting from scratch again, I tried a number of different ways but in the end did it how I used to but with a few tweaks. Primarily arranged by retailer/company - à la Blufans/Manta/HDzeta/Nova/FAC etc, but with a few mash ups in-between, and even then I will probably have to move stuff around yet. 5 months without even seeing my collection was pretty difficult I have to say too, I was once again able to see what life is like on the other side should I decide to quit collecting. I think I made the right choice to reno :p

Fyi, below is probably around 75% or so of my Blu-ray collection in the new Billy's, alongside my Whereschappell's, the other 25% are basically all my standard steels arranged A-Z* (*mostly) but on the opposing side of the room on different shelves/units. Check out the WIP > completion pics below and let me know what you guys think :thumbs: I welcome any tips you might have to help improve anything too :)

IMG_20200728_183020 (2).jpg


June 2019 setup.png.png
July 2020 setup.NEW.png.png
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