Mad Duck Posters Mystery Tubes 2022


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Aug 29, 2011
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Mystery Tube​

Special Cyber Monday Mad Duck Mystery Tube Sale!
Mystery Posters come from Standard Runs, Scratch N' Dents, Printer Proofs, 1/1s, Test Prints, Exclusive Prints, Sold Out, and Archive Product. Many special prints will be included!
Mystery Tubes are limited and available for one day only!
Each tube contains 4 posters for $75.
Multiple Mystery Tube purchases are allowed. We guarantee that at least 4 tubes will be 100% unique if you choose to order 4! Duplicates of prints are possible beyond that. If you purchased mystery tubes last year, this year's tubes will be different from what you previously purchased.
Special requests cannot be accomodated with mystery tubes.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for mystery tube shipping.
*Please note, each tube is charged for 4 poster shipping. If multiple tubes are ordered, we may need to send a custom invoice to adjust the shipping total. A way to avoid this is to place separate orders for each tube.

Regular price $ 75.00