[NL]For Sale: Nova Media 1-clicks! Terminator 2 & Star Wars


Oct 6, 2015
Hi everyone! Having been a collector of steelbooks for some time now, and having acces to gb's here on HDN, I have come a point I think many of you have been to before...; I have bought too much and have too many outstanding orders....

So I have decided to focus on FAC, HDzeta and Manta Lab for the time being.

I was lucky to get in the Terminator 2 groupbuy here on HDN and I got Star Wars directly from Nova. With a little pain in my heart I have decided to sell them. Details below:

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Nova Media 1-click

€125 / $140




Completely new, complete and in mint condition with one exception; There is one little dent/chip in the Qslip steelbook, as seen in the picture (the other white dots are dust). The slips themselves are not sealed. And the quarter slip steelbook isnt sealed. The steelbooks inside the full slip and the Lenticular slip are sealed though. They have been kept in SCF protectice cases

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Nova Media 1-click

€165 / $185



Complete and in mint condition with the 3 petslips and 3 lenticular spines. Slips are not sealed. After removing factory seals i've put them in SCF cases.


All shipping includes Track & trace. Prices below is for standard shipping with track and trace. Registered and insured shipping is + €1,65 for all regions.

Shipping costs within the netherlands: €6,95

Shipping within europe zone 1 (Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Sweden): €13

Shipping within europe zone 2 (Hungary, Bulgary, Poland, Czech Republic): €18,50

Shipping within europe zone 3 (Greece, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Switserland): €19,30

Shipping to the rest of the world: €24,30

•The countries listed are examples for those regions. If your country isn't listed PM me for a shipping quote.

•Payment Only with Paypal / goods payment and in euro's. Paypal fees are already included in the prices for the one clicks.

•I will wrap the steelbooks in an insane amount of bubble wrap and in a sturdy box.

•Feel free to massage me if you have any other questions

•My eBay profile name is quazecotl

•I'd rather sell them. But if you have any of the FAC's listed below, trading is negotiable

FAC Wants:
- As Above So Below
- Seventh Son
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