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apsmith21 submitted a new group buy:

[OPEN] Ready Player One 4K UHD Lenticular Slipcover - Target Exclusive

Hey members!

I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Ready Player One 4K UHD Blu-ray with Lenticular Slipcover from Target

Pre-order cost is currently $29.99 EACH

Sales tax of 6% per copy
HDN fee of 7.5%

Original links -

I will do my best to match any price drop from Best Buy. Depending on the demand of this title, it might be troublesome if the...

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Hi there - can u cancel my order on this group buy ? Just seen that France are doing a 4k edition with 3D included - happy to pay any fees etc - thanks dvdclayton

Hi David, this is getting to be a bit of habit for you. Still willing to help going forward, but multiple refunds really take a bit of my time - so it's clear this will be the last time I will honor a refund request going forward, please make certain of your next

Thank you.