Paddington (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Italy]

Mar 16, 2013
Beware, amazn italy steelbook shipping is horrible. France, Italy, and Spain still have not figured out how to safely ship a steelbook. Its quite disturbing at this point in the game. Considering all three sites have their own exclusive steelbooks now.


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Jun 4, 2013
Thinking about ordering this because I think I prefer it to the zavvi one. Does it have English audio?


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Jan 4, 2014
United Kingdom
Just wish there were more pictures of it or even a unboxing. Can't find anything really
There are some pics above, I picked this up in April and to be honest I haven't opened my copy yet. It's very nice from what I can see, gloss and embossing what's not to like? I would post some pics but my photography is not awe-inspiring.

IMO nicer than the Zavvi edition ;)
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