Peter Pan (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive: The Disney Collection #7) [UK]


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Feb 12, 2012
Release date: February 10th, 2014
Purchase link: Zavvi
Price: £19.99-sold out
Notes: Embossed Artwork on cover
Confirmed 4000 qty print run

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Zavvi are pleased to announce the next wave of our Disney Steelbook Collection, and we have 3 absolute classics for you. Peter Pan, Dumbo and Lady & The Tramp

All 3 will feature;
- Embossed Artwork on the front cover
- Classic vibrant artwork
- Custom new back designs

These will also be the lowest runs we have ever produced on Disney Classic titles
Finish and exact embossing details TBC
Release Date 17th Feb


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I'm actually curious to see if blufans is going have an exclusive ?????? rlease as well?
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Hi folks, it's ok to keep these links. They are coming, and for Disney fans, it's a chance to chat about what titles may be coming:)
Hi Frank-not correct at all. There are times when certain retailers have links posted that we close because there is no Steelbook, the film is still in theaters, and or/ it has fanart and no concrete details. We close those thread because we don't want to have a bunch of 'lets see if we can get something to stick', but there is actually no concrete plan yet to release anything.

We already have info internally of what the next titles may be, and as there are real links and info these can stay in the forum. In other cases, there are plenty of situations where say other established retailers just post 'sign up to be notified' links with no pictures or info (Amazon UK, DE, for instance), we let those stand as well, because they have a history of having a real product that becomes attached to that link. ES's WWZ also had a question mark, until it was time for the reveal:)

Steelbook collecting is also about the excitement of chatting about what next titles may be from a studio or store, so have fun with these guys, don't take it so seriously. If there was no info behind the scenes, or these get cancelled for whatever reason, we will close or update the threads, as we always have at HDN.
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