Pirates of The Caribbean 1-5 Film Collection (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) [UK]

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Feb 28, 2011
Release date: April 10, 2023 - May 8, 2023
Purchase link: Zavvi - HMV - Amazon UK
Price: £99.99 (Zavvi - Amazon) - £89.99 (HMV)
Notes: Was previously a Zavvi exclusive

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 17.30.45 Large.jpeg Pirates of the caribbean Box Set.jpg
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Jul 22, 2020
Agree, but the poster they've used for 5 was the main theatrical poster for the film and it's my favourite, so I'm cool with it lol
Oct 28, 2022
Come on. They gotta remind us that Disney owns the entire entertainment world, you know, just in case we forgot. Sometimes we try, but the fascist corporation just wont let us haha :cigar:
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Dec 31, 2020
Yes, absolutely! Raise the 4th title plaque, and change the 5th, plus a better box and colors.
Who's working on those at the studio, if, albeit a talented someone, but still 'just a guy', can make it so much better in a few figurative minutes!
I don't want to buy the 'official' box now. :shy:

Then don't buy it. :giggle:


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Sep 10, 2012
Sold out! Does anyone know if this will come back in stock again?
Ignore the Sold Out
Once release date arrives zavvi website a listing will automatically list as sold out if no stock listed on system yet as in Zavvi not got delivery

Once the stock has arrived customers will then have payment taken and then dispatch soon after
When Zavvi get delivery of stock the website listing will change to in stock Quick Buy

Usually website will update to in stock after 1-3 days

If a release date going to be changed to a different week the listing will change back to pre order a few days later