Predator 2 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection) [Czech Republic]

i'm all for this. :thumbs: i have a soft spot for this film. despite the obvious. Danny Glover's adequate, Gary Busey's in full mania mode...

...and the whole thing feels every inch less than the original, but it's fun, over the top, and i like the central idea of the predator in the urban jungle. add in Bill Paxton and the subway train and meat freezer sequences, and i'm in for this.:wow:
Curious to see what they do with the art of this one. I'm just recently managed to get the UK release steelbook which I quite nice, but not much in the way of official movie artwork for this if I remember rightly.
I also quite enjoy P2!
Yes, it was totally different from the first film but in hindsight, I'm very glad it was. There are far too many films that try to emulate the original just to end up being incompetent shadows.
P2 took the fight to the city and a battleground LA was a perfect setting.
I think some folk are far too harsh in their assessment of the flik and I have yet to hear what venue they would have placed the film.
Anyway, I'm assuredly onboard for a lovely resto-Steel of the flik and quite anxious to see what they do with it.
Indeed, I'll buy this coming release with utmost pleasure!

For the record, I enjoyed "Predators" (P3) as well. Again, it changed the formula enough to make it a stand-alone film.
I thought Brody was great in it. I had a few issues with some other cast members and the final 3rd act sequence was a bit over the top but all in all, a success in my books.
The first AvP I enjoyed as well. Yes, a lot of silly elements made it a second tier film but still a good enough film for repeated viewing, and we did finally get to see our two fave nemesis duke it out.
AvP2 is not worth the electrons to type out a verdict (same with Alien 4).

Now the new "The Predator" looks like a 50/50 film so far as, regardless of trying to shy away from Trailer spoilers, I caught one of them and I'm a bit nervous wrt the final product.
We shall see....:)

Final thoughts, well hell, they are just movies. I'll watch the ones I like, ignore the ones I don't. That's pretty easy to do...;)
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