Mediabook Red Force: The Beginning aka Queen´s High - Worldwide HD Premiere

May 9, 2023
Red Force: The Beginning!!!!
On Sunday, 04.02.2024 at 7 pm the pre-sale of the Hong Kong classic Red Force: The Beginning in the Mediabook by Shamrock Media ( Worldwide HD Premiere) will start
Cover A - limited to 444 copies -
Cover B - limited to 240 pieces
Cover C - limited to 111 pieces - SHOP EXCLUSIVE
Cover D - limited to 111 copies - SHOP EXCLUSIVE
Cover E - limited to 66 copies - SHOP EXCLUSIVE

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Hard to choose between two first covers, but I think I'd buy the A variant.
This isn't one of the 'In the Line of Duty' films? Seems it's been only released in Germany under this title.
Being from 1990, it could've been the 5th film to add to that Boxset of the first 4.