Reminiscence (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #178) [Czech Republic]


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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: September 18, 2023
Purchase link: FilmArena
Price: TBA

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Are they kidding us? When, when is all this going to come out?!
I bought the steelbook separately already. Well, not the first time. More like 963 time.
Update FA just received

Dear Collectors,

we would like to inform you about the May's news.

We are finishing up FAC #167 TENET next week, and then we'll gradually move on to finishing the other titles in order. We are sorry for the delay, but the last batches of lenticular lenses did not meet our standard quality, so we needed to find suitable material again in cooperation with our printer. Which it did. We will update the release dates of the next editions on our site once we have received updated disc supply data.

Today and tomorrow we will also start introducing individual editions for the next round of pre-orders that we will launch next week. In this round you can look forward to the titles:

4) SCOTT PILGRIM vs. World

Another interesting title that we submitted for approval to Warner Bros studio is AMERICAN SNIPER. This will be a loyalty reward for our most loyal collectors. We will announce the conditions for obtaining it in further updates.

As for the PREDATOR title, we are still waiting for confirmation that the update has been approved. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to cooperation with you.
JC for the FA and BB teams
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I don’t get the logic behind this as it will be one of those that sits is stock for years :(
Waist of a premium.
You're probably right, but I'm glad they often do these for such films, and liked this one in particular especially (I didn't support The Mule with a purchase, for example).
I don’t get the logic behind this as it will be one of those that sits is stock for years :(
Waist of a premium.

You never know what will sell and what won't, really. I didn't expect to see any Forrest Gump copies left but the blue box is still for sale last time I checked.

I dug Reminiscence. I think the film will become one of those revered cult classics in a few years. It's actually a pretty good film in and of itself and I loved the post-apocalyptic flooded Miami setting. Can someone answer this: I can't Preorder this until September, correct? The Google translate function doesn't always work properly for me for some reason.