Resident Evil PSP

Jan 29, 2009
It may have gotten lost in the shuffle during Sony's E3 press conference that featured plenty of huge blockbuster titles, but survival/horror fans certainly noted the announcement.

In addition to the other awesome software scheduled for the PSP-3000 and PSP Go! - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Gran Turismo PSP, etc. - there's one other title that caught a lot of attention: the new handheld Resident Evil. We didn't get any information on it during the conference, but it seems the first details have surfaced on the Internet. First off, and most unfortunately, the game is still a "ways off," so you shouldn't expect it to release alongside the PSP Go! in October. However, the game may be completely different than previous iterations in the series, and when we hear that, we get the feeling it may take a step beyond Resident Evil 5 and try to become a purely action-oriented zombie kill-fest. Now, this ought to intrigue all you fans of the long-running franchise, even those of you who don't like the new direction taken by RE5. And because it's being designed specifically with the PSP Go! in mind, perhaps we can expect something entirely new that we can't even begin to imagine... Maybe it'll be the first blockbuster for the new portable unit!

We'll definitely keep a sharp eye out for any new information concerning Resident Evil for the PSP, but just remember this: it's not a remake; it's an entirely new installment in the series.