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Terror and mystery await. Please, take a seat.
Song of Horror is a heavily story-driven third person survival horror combining automated camera angles and an inspiration in the old school classics with modern design, mechanics and visuals, evocative of mankind’s eternal fear of what cannot be understood. Take control of up to 16 characters who have been plunged, throughout time, into a nightmare for which they are not prepared.


Back to where it all began. Will Daniel make it this time?
Song of Horror began its development with our sights set on a release for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, we recently brought the publisher Badland Indie on board, whose involvement means that Song of Horror will also be released on PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Earlier this year we got Greenlit, so Song of Horror will be on Steam as well as on DRM-Free stores.


A playable demo is in the works and will be released later in the campaign. Stay tuned!


It’s an ordinary Friday in the life of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times lately. Currently the lowest of the low at a publishing house, you receive an urgent, yet seemingly straightforward assignment: to find the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something’s wrong. The lights, still turned off at the onset of nightfall, reveal that no one is home. The dog, which was forewarned at the entrance, is nowhere to be found. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in shadows.

And an eerie, haunting melody, pierces a thundering silence.



  • A Thrilling, Movie-Like Experience
Join Daniel in a spine-chilling tale of horrors. Unravel a dreadful mystery of deep, unknown roots, a mystery threatening to destroy him.


  • Automated Cinematic Cameras
The views in Song of Horror are fully automated. The cameras will follow you, back away from you, turn to face you, play tricks on you, and seamlessly blend with each other when needed in order to keep the tension levels sky-high.

  • 16 Playable Characters
Daniel Noyer is the protagonist in Song of Horror, but he’s a rather... special one. You will not only control him but also up to 15 other characters, either close to him or completely unrelated. But beware, not all of them might make it to the end. In fact, you will most likely lose some along the way. Who, and how many, will you be able to save?

Each character has his/her own defined background, personality, views and opinions, as well ashis/her own unique gameplay quirks. In addition, they will each react differently to what they see and experience. Which of them are still kicking and which are gone will affect how the story is told.


From left to right: Daniel Noyer, Etienne Bertrand & Sophie van Denend. Many more are yet to come!

  • Normal, Everyday People
There are no heroes nor superhumans in Song of Horror. The entire cast is composed of real-life, ordinary folks who you could come across in the street any day. Meet Daniel, the advertiser. Meet Sophie, the art gallerist. Meet Etienne, the sales director. There’s also the doctor, and the shop clerk. They will suffer, they will be scared and they will be vulnerable. None of them can make it on their own.

  • Careful Exploration
The devil’s in the details, or so they say. Each clue might have a meaning; every observation can be crucial. Peril is around every corner, and there is no prize for first arrival at the end line.The prize is to arrive at all.


What's on the other side? Dare to find out, Sophie?
  • Life Is Fleeting
There is no health nor sanity meter. Being alive or dead is the only measure of success, and going from one to the other might only require a single misstep.

  • Agile, Adaptive Control System
Forget about tank-style movement or otherwise clunky control schemes. As the view adjusts automatically to the situation, so do the controls. The characters move as a normal person would but, other than them not being action heroes or athletic soldiers, Song of Horror’s challenge lies entirely in the game itself.