SubUrbia (1997)

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Oct 1, 2013
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Title: SubUrbia (1997)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Richard Linklater

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Parker Posey, Steve Zahn, Nicky Katt, Ajay Naidu, Samia Shoaib, Dina Spybey-Waters, Jayce Bartok, Amie Carey, Kitt Brophy, Jonn Cherico, Keith Preusse, Eric Park, William Martin Hayes, Bill Wise, M.J. Lin, Ryan Wickerham

Release: 1997-02-07

Runtime: 121

Plot: A group of suburban teenagers try to support each other through the difficult task of becoming adults.

I've been waiting for a disc release of this movie for more than 20 years, only when it was finally released on disc for the first time ever, in 2018, I didn't want it already, because it was precisely just a DVD, a single-layer barebones DVD5 - while it's been two new formats by then, 12 years since BD, and 2 since UHD. So I just downloaded a 1080p digital copy, as there's no BD still.
It looks good, about the same quality as an average early HD DVD or Blu-ray.

But I'm just glad to have this Richard Linklater movie about my 90's generation in good quality. I was about the same age as its characters in 1996, and it's fun to return to that time, if only for a couple of hours, like hanging out with old friends. Parker Posey shows up on 39th minute, and is perfect, as always.
The movie is basically a filmed play, all taking place at one location almost in real time, and it is based on a play. It's like if someone took Jay and Silent Bob standing near a convenience store, and made a full 2 hour movie out of it. But it's good, if you like those sorts of character driven dialogue films, like Dazed and Confused.

I wish this film would get a special edition with a commentary and a retrospective documentary with interviews.
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is it that one?
Seems to be similar to the Movie Diner from 1982 with Kevin Bacon and Mickey Rourke, but not playing in the late 60s here in the 90s, maybe it´s a bit more funny
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