DigiPack Tales of Halloween (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray Digipack) [USA]

Oct 3, 2011

Happen to grabbed a pre-release of this killer blu-ray at darkdel.com (Dark Delicacies)

The pre-release came with T-Shirt and Poster plus autographed signing of the Cast, Crews and its Directors


Oct 3, 2011



Official list of those who signed the set's Autographs

In Order of Autograph Signing

1. Axelle Rose (Creator, Producer, Writer and Director)
2. Mike Mendez (Director)
3. Alex Essoe (Actress)
4. Christopher Drake (Music Composer)
5. Edwin Wendler (Music Composer)
6. Ryan Shifrin (Director)
7. Marcus Eckert (Actor)
8. Tiffany Shepis (Actress)
9. Pollyanna McIntosh (Actress)
10. Cerina Vincent (Actress)
11. Pat Healy (Actor)
12. Jace Anderson (Writer)
13. Adam Gierasch (Director)
14. Neil Marshall (Director)
15. Dana Gould (Actor)
16. Andrew Kasch (Director)
17. Caroline Williams (Actress)
18. Dave Parker (Director)
19. Devon Whitehead (Art Department)
20. James Duval (Actor)
21. Casey Ruggieri (Actress)
22. Elissa Dowling (Actress)
23. Graham Denman (Actor)
24. Kristina Klebe (Actress)

And one that showed up but left immediately (He might have signed a copy or so)

25. John Skipp (Director)
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