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Tenet 4K Steelbook Manta Lab Exclusive #32 Double Lenticular Slip


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Jan 6, 2015
Aniv submitted a new resource:

Tenet 4K Steelbook Manta Lab Exclusive #32 Double Lenticular Slip - Price Excludes Shipping Cost (To Be Billed After GroupBuy Closes Based On Destination & Total Qty)

Limit 1 Per Customer. Box and additional Single Editions Cannot Be Purchased by same member.

You can either buy 1 of every single edition or a box set. Not both.

Buyer will be liable for any Paypal refund fees as any additional merchandise ordered will be cancelled if box set (one click) is also ordered in addition to single editions or multiple copies of the same single edition.

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Oct 6, 2017
Hi Aniv,

First of all I hope you are well, I have tried to contact with you but I did not get an answer, i imagine you will be very busy.
I have followed the threads and I have not seen any news in this regard and I wanted to ask you if you could update us on the status of this purchase. We have not yet received the shipping invoices but nevertheless it seems that much of people who bought directly on the web have already received their copy, even those who bought a one click also have it in their hands.

I would appreciate any information about it

Thanks in advance, regards !!

Juan Manuel.