The Fast and The Furious 1-6 Collection (Blu-ray SteelBooks) (CX Media) [Taiwan]

Jan 11, 2021
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: Sofa Cinema
Price: NT$6,500

The Fate of the Furious 1-6_0_00.jpg

The Fate of the Furious 1-6_0_00-2.jpg
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@Savage Clown ;) :LOL:
Fast a Furious box set. probably a safe buy. :D

(I do dig Sofa Cinema though- just bought three steelbooks with slips from them.)
Thanks but I'm out of the steelbook game completely now, have been for over a year. It's just too expensive to keep up with them anymore so I just stick to the standard editions, I am thinking about getting into slips for them though.
Also there not done making F&F movies yet so no safe bet getting a box set with them only to have an incomplete set. ;)
Jul 20, 2016
Just like any series of movies these days, this franchise will never die unless Vin Diesel can no longer make movies. So there will never be a complete box set of Fast and Furious movies.

So skip all the releases until you're on your deathbed then place your order. Enjoy the set for the last few days that you're alive.

Yeah as if SteelBooks and physical media will still be around in 30 plus years.

There are people who won't buy the new Indiana Jones SteelBook box set because it isn't complete.
Only 40 years in the making so far but go ahead and keep holding out. Perhaps Disney will one day own Paramount and get all 5 movies under one roof. That is if the fifth movie is ever released.

Mission Impossible series. Still another 30 years at least to go before Tom Cruise will be done running, jumping climbing, flying... :rolleyes:
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