Made By Mutant The First Omen - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Mark Korven) (Mutant Exclusive) (Red Vinyl)


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Aug 29, 2011
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Release date: June 28, 2024
Purchase link: Made By Mutant
Price: €36.99 (Mutant Exclusive Red Vinyl) - €36.99 (Standard Black Vinyl)
Notes: Mutant Exclusive 2x140g Red Vinyl Die-cut gatefold jacket

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Mutant, in partnership with Hollywood Records and 20th Century Films, is proud to present the premiere physical edition of Mark Korven's terrifying score to THE FIRST OMEN.

Combining the inventive and dynamic instrumentation he is best known for, Mark Korven (THE WITCH, THE LIGHTHOUSE) has created a truly unsettling and powerful score to this new chapter of the legendary series. Jerry Goldsmith's Academy Award® winning score for the original 1976 classic THE OMEN is a totemic work of horror cinema. The film is the only time a horror film has ever won an Oscar for its score. Korven clearly knows he has big shoes to fill, because he takes his scoring style to powerful new heights with this brilliant work.

It helps that Mark Korven is one of our favorite working composers. His score to THE FIRST OMEN is an incredible achievement and a fitting inclusion in one of the most important legacies of Horror filmmaking. A lot has changed since 1976, but one thing that hasn't is that horror scores deserve to be played as loud as possible, on vinyl, from your home stereo.

Pressed on two 140gram vinyl discs, housed in printed inner sleeves, contained within a die-cut jacket in a package designed by Mo Shafeek.

The First Omen - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Mark Korven
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