The Goonies (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Titans of Cult Exclusive #11) [UK]

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Release date: August 30, 2021
Purchase links: Amazon UK - Zavvi - WB Shop - HMV
Price: £34.99

Goonies Steelbook.jpg

200836511_645631960166993_4438331822459227203_n.jpg Goonies Slipbox.jpg
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Sep 10, 2020
I love the movie too but that doesn't mean I will buy any old pile of dogpoop just because it says Goonies on it
I really like that artwork though..

Already own the recent 4K steelbook with the Zavvi slip but as a collector who is happy to double/triple dip when it comes to my favourite movies this edition will definitely get a spot alongside it

Curious to see what the overall package will be like. I'm hoping the pin will be the Skull key!
Sep 21, 2020
Things change so much from story to actual screenplay to actual movie that we cannot be sure who's idea is that. So debating is also futile.
I wasn’t debating just saying you can’t fire the artist because there isn’t one at titans who came up with the image. Just a joke. I like this. Glad they are back on track, just hope it’s £30.
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