The Hateful Eight (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Switzerland]

Apr 21, 2012
The Swiss steelbook finally arrived. I decided in favor of it, because the German version (which comes in an identical steelbook) has German intertitles. Here be photos:

The front, with the Swiss J-Card.

The back with the J-Card. English and German are included.

The J-Card removed. The inscriptions are in German.

The back side sans J-Card. The billing is in German. Also, you can see the Universum logo (German distributor) instead of Ascot (Swiss distributor). There was only one steelbook produced for both markets.

The steelbook has a flat finish, with some spot gloss effects: the silver revolvers, the kerosene lamp, the title and the character portraits/cast names.

Decent and effectful.

The inside is printed in black and white.

Without the disc.

Interestingly, while the Swiss title is "The Hateful Eight" (as seen on the steelbook), the disc label uses the German transcription ("The Hateful 8").