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The Hobbit Trilogy 4k UHD Steelbooks (with collector's case)


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The Hobbit Trilogy 4k UHD Steelbooks (with collector's case) - Best Buy exclusive

Hey members!

I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in The Hobbit Trilogy from Best Buy.

I AM UNABLE TO RETURN ITEMS IN BULK TO BEST BUY anymore. If you order from this GB you will be expected to honor the purchase!!

NOTE: The Avengers sets came with damage to each exterior case. I'm expecting the same could happen here. DUE TO COVID, I'M UNABLE TO OBTAIN STORE COPIES. The steelbooks should be in great shape but if you purchase from this group...

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Hey Andy,

I just got in the LotR steelbook set GB hoping to also get the Hobbit set as well but I see it's unavailable right now in the GB, will you make anymore available via the GB? thanks for your time!