The KLF: 23 Seconds to Eternity (Blu-ray + DVD Limited Edition) (BFI) [UK]


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Jul 15, 2014
Release date: November 6, 2023
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23 Seconds To Eternity (DVD + Blu-ray)
Director: Bill Butt

The KLF became the biggest selling singles act in the world in 1991 with a series of international smash hits including acid house anthems 3 A.M. Eternal, Last Train To Transcentral , and Justified and Ancient, released on their own KLF Communications record label.

Produced and directed by Bill Butt in collaboration with Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond in their various guises as The JAMS, The KLF and The Timelords, one of the most successful, subversively creative and enigmatic electronic bands of the early 90, 23 Seconds to Eternity takes viewers on a film journey through the collected music videos and short features including The White Room (1989), The Rites of Mu (1991), narrated by Martin Sheen and the previously unreleased Krash (1992). Also included are the world famous music videos for the hits 3 A.M. Eternal, What Time is Love? and Justified and Ancient.

This release is the first ever compilation of KLF Communication’s films and this release will feature an array of special features and an illustrated booklet featuring rare and previously unseen material.

  • Presented in High Definition (Region ABC Blu-ray) and Standard Definition (Region 0 DVD)
  • KLF: Unfinished (1992, 30 mins): making of documentary including optional commentary by Robert Milton Wallace
  • Interview with Bill Butt by Mick Houghton (2023): the producer and director discusses the making of 23 Seconds to Eternity
  • This Is Not What The KLF Is About (1991, 15 mins): a short film shot and edited by Jimmy Cauty capturing the making of Stadium House Trilogy, newly remastered by Rich Osborn
  • 23 Seconds to Eternity Theatrical trailer (2023, 2 mins)
  • KRASH trailer (1 min)
  • The White Room trailer (1 min)
  • Stills gallery
  • Limited edition includes an illustrated booklet with new writing by Mick Houghton and the BFI’s William Fowler, Bill Butt’s filmography, an introduction to The White Room, and rare images from the personal collections of Bill Butt and Mick Houghton
  • Informative
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Ooh, I'm buying the hell outta this!
Maybe 'they' will get around to 90's stuff now, 'cause I'm tired of seeing only the geriatric 60's and 70's bands on BD. That, and unlistenable growling and howling called 'prog rock'. :spoil:
Anyone interested in the KLF might also be interested in the documentary 'Who killed the KLF' . As an aside my favourite album was Chill out...


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