The Meanest Man in Texas - In theaters May 17, 2019


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Dec 28, 2012
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Title: The Meanest Man in Texas (2019)

Genre: Drama, Family

Director: Justin Ward

Cast: Mateus Ward, Jamie McShane, Alexandra Bard, Casey Bond, Ben Reed, James Morrison, Michael Monks, Isabella Acres, Richard Riehle, Anthony Guerino, Amy Kay Raymond, James Edwards, Darren Richardson, Adam Cropper, Ian Stanley, Jake Elliott, Christopher Lee Page, David McCusker, Evan Henderson, Justin Zachary, Donald Bowen, James Logan, Jonas Ball, Kenny Johnston, Phil Shea, James Peyton, Santino Tomasetti, Adam Kulbersh, Paul Nobrega, Seth Austin, Jacob Grodnik, Chris Jupitz, Austin MacKinnon, Joshua Brady, Tim Acres, John Bowman, Celeste Cook, Pat Duke, Charlie Knox

Release: 2019-05-17

Runtime: 106

Plot: Convicted murderer Clyde Thompson receives the death penalty for shooting two men in Texas in 1928. When the governor spares his life, Thompson gains a reputation as the meanest man in the state while working hard labor in prison.
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