The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 45th Anniversary (Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]

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jaws finatic

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Mar 6, 2013
Downeast Maine
I so want to like this steel, but have to confess to feeling hesitant. It seems so pop artish, which anyone who has paid attention to me at all knows I just don't get down on it. Sorry Kool & the Gang. Just ain't happenin'. Unless the reveal shows this looking more fine in person (which does sometimes happen) I'll be happy with the blu I have on hand.
May 1, 2018
Had no idea this was even coming and picked it up for free with some rewards cash (though it was $15, not $25 as in the op) and it’s very nice in person
Mar 24, 2013
Pics of this great-looking steelbook courtesy Steelbookpro with spot gloss title in evidence ...

... although not sure about the decision to print "45TH ANNIVERSARY" on the path

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Group buy posted, I've reflected the sale price it is at now, so this group buy might be quite limited.

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