The Super Mario Bros. Movie (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]


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Dec 31, 2020
Release date: June 06, 2023
Purchase link: Best Buy
Price: $36.99

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Is this for the original movie with John Leguizamo?

That one was titled Super Mario Bros. this one is titled The Super Mario Bros. Movie - so you can see from title it's not same 2 movies. Also 1st one is live action this one is different style.
WTF is that? Had high hopes for a Mario steel of the new film and they produce that? FFS

LOL, you expected from BB anything else? It's wonder they put mushroom on it... lol, while inside looks terrific.
Kinda reminds me on 100th anniversary Disney steels. Inside was great, outside - loss for words :p.
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Terrible artwork, way too plain. Hopefully multiple steels get released with better artwork. The 4K regular release will probaly be something like this:

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I love that second poster and would love it as a steel but could you imagine that as a clear lenti or full slip. Really hope to see that one day
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Beautiful artwork. It litterally translates the movie’s thematic and title. which, according to artwork, seems to be... hum... a documentary on male genital mycosis? Or maybe about the danger of hallucinogenic mushrooms?

Anyway, let's thank Illumination to help preventing STD or/and the danger of magic mushrooms use.
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