The Untouchables - 35th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #?) [Czech Republic]

Oh, man, now I gotta choose between a studio package, that's ready and coming soon, or wait however many months for who knows what, potentially better...
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Oh, man, now I gotta choose between a studio package, that's ready and coming soon, or wait however many months for who knows what, potentially better...
Urg. Demands some Hoedown thinking...
I've looked closer at the studio release - folded posters I never need, slip sucks, so all there is is 6 B&W photos - meh.
I'm waiting for BB.
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Also- are they going to fill that with the steelbook with debossed bullet holes?
(i never have been clear on this- did ALL European versions have the debossed bullet holes?)
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This release is kaput, as are all other Paramount films announced for FAC.
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From FilmArena email today:
Another studio that limits activity toward premium editions is the Paramount studio. We learned from this studio before Christmas 2022 that they are unwilling to approve any additional premium element for THE UNTOUCHABLES title. These were several cards and booklet. Not even the distributor was informed about this current position. We only found out when we were submitting our edition for approval. Since this attitude will be taken by the studio for future editions, we have suspended or canceled all our joint projects. We're still keeping THE UNTOUCHABLES title open in case the studio changes its mind, but we're not counting on it. We are already trying to see things more realistically as they are.

Dear Collectors,

we are currently dispatching the edition of A QUIET PLACE: Part II, which will most likely be the last edition from Paramount that we have prepared for you.

It's not that we don't want to continue with Paramount, but we received information from the studio through distribution that the only way forward is to accept for our next editions the same components that the studio prepares and approves for the whole world, which means that if we want to approve something extra like a booklet or cards, a folder, a lenticular, it won't be possible... Unfortunately, we can't comply with this strategy, because for several years we've been working in a way that we don't want to take away from, we've always tried to add instead. Care, quality, other components, etc.

Distribution and we have tried to discuss the arguments why the cooperation would continue to be worthwhile, but it was in vain so far.

Nevertheless, we decided to release visuals of the intended components of THE UNTOUCHABLES edition as we planned to make it for you. You never know how far visuals can go this way and what if by chance... We don't count on anything, but we never stop believing.

We originally assigned this edition to the Black Barons team, but after a failed approval, we visually previewed it as a FAC.

We do not send this post maliciously. It is not our intention to initiate hate speech, we want to express ourselves positively and calmly. We believe that this is the only way to break through this communication block. At the same time, we want to present that we worked with the best care with this edition, as you and the film deserve. Please respect our intention and thank you in advance!

We also thank you for your support and look forward to further cooperation with you.

The FA team

if all 100% accurate in the telling, that's amazing from Paramount - we don't want separate editions, local variations, or even to charge more for limited editions - we want total global homogeneity!

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Well that's really stupid of Paramount! Especially looking at that proposed set, which uses all tired old art everywhere, on the front of the fullslip, on the lenti, the booklet, and the cards folder... the only new photo that I haven't seen on any other Paramount worldwide studio editions is on the back of the fullslip.