UK - Filmarena Blade Runner 2049 and HDZETA Justice League (Joss Whedon) DL Steelbook for sale

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Jul 31, 2012
Hi everyone, hoping I've done this right. I'm looking to move these 2 on:

Got HDZETA justice league (joss whedon) double lenticular blu ray steelbook up for sale. Includes 2d and 3d versions of the film with WEA steelbook. Looking for £55 plus £4.50 postage. (in the UK) In excellent condition. Think its number 1038.

Also got filmarena Blade Runner 2049 steelbook up for sale.This includes the blu ray and 3d version. Numbered at 32/1000. Full slip version which includes all the extras. In excellent condition. Opened. Looking for £70 plus £4.50 (in the UK) postage.

More pics available on request. Happy to sell abroad.

For reference I'm on ebayer, user: metallica_forever15485


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